The Queen's Birthday Parade 2019 - Full Album

Queen's Birthday Parade 2019

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Royal Salute 

1. The National Anthem (0:51)

Inspection Of The Line

2. Intrada Slow March (2:07)

3. Queen Elizabeth's March Quick March (2:55)

The Troop

4. Les Huguenots Slow Troop (4:02)

5. Twice the Man Quick Troop (3:07)

6. The British Grenadiers - Escort for the Colour

7. Escort to the Colour Trooping the Colour (1:25)

8. Grenadiers Slow March Trooping the Colour (1:17)

Guards March Past In Slow Time

9. (11:18)

Duke of York & Mollendorf's Parade March

Scipio Regimental March Grenadier Guards

The Garb of Auld Gaul Regimental March Scots Guards

Figaro Regimental March Coldstream Guards

Soldiers' Chorus

Guards March Past In Quick Time

10. (7:54)

Wellington March

The British Grenadiers Regimental March Grenadier Guards

Hielan' Laddie Regimental March Scots Guards

Milanollo Regimental March Coldstream Guards

The Liberators

Mounted Troops March Past

11. (6:16)

Preobrajensky March Neutral Walk

Royal Artillery Slow March Regimental Slow

The Life Guards Regimental Slow

The Blues and Royals Regimental Slow

The Royals Regimental Slow 

Trot Past 

12. (1:28)

Horse Guards Trot Neutral Trot

The Keel Row Regimental Trot

Marching The Guards To Buckingham Palace

13. Arromanches (3:36)

14. Colchester Castle (3:26)

15. Grenadier Company March Medley (3:40)

16. Trafalgar (2:25)

17. When the Guards are on Parade (2:23)


Recorded by the Band of The Grenadier Guards at RAF Northolt on the 1st & 2nd of April 2019.